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Why Choose Poppin Oils?

Poppin Oils believes that everything begins and ends with self-love. Be You. Be Proud. Be Beautiful. Poppin Oils is here to help you along your journey of finding your individuality in your healthy hair care practices.  Our hair defines us; it makes us who we are. Creative, funky, fearless, confident, and cool are some of the few characteristics of tightly coiled, curly, wavy hair – so why not give your hair the best opportunity to flourish, grow, and represent you.  Besides, you're Poppin! 

Poppin Oils believes in delivering the best in quality hair oils – only working with 100% all natural and organic ingredients that benefit your hair from the inside out. Poppin Oils proprietary blend of carrier and essential oils penetrate the hair shaft and stimulate follicles for growth; while leaving your hair soft and manageable. As a bonus, Poppin Oils is not only fantastic for your hair, but can also be applied to your skin for extra moisture retention.

Healthy hair care practices are the beginning to having overall better health. Poppin Oils is committed to only giving you the best and necessary ingredients for healthy hair. Founded by Sophie Harris, a single mother in the Golden State. She has the interminable drive and determination to help all people feel confident in their skin. It wasn’t until she had the courage to be herself, rock her own style and navigate through the ups and downs of self-identity; which brought on the emergence of Poppin Oils. Each bottle is individually made with care and love to share with the world.