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Look No Further: Golden Drops for Beards

Posted by Sophie Harris on
Look No Further: Golden Drops for Beards

Beards are definitely back in style. Who doesn't love a nice well kept beard. Nicely manicured, trimmed, and shaped. 

Beard care is becoming increasingly important. And, why not give your beard the same treatment you give the hair that grows on top of your head? Well look no further, here's a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your beard care routine. 

You want to cleanse your face and pores like regular. You will also need to shampoo and condition your beard. Look for shampoos that do not contain harsh sulfates, and cleansing agents that strip the moisture out of your hair. You also may want to stay away from Parabens, as they create a coat around your beard, that may appear to make your hair softer, but is acting as a barrier for nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft.

After you've gone through your cleansing process, take a warm towel and wrap it around your face. This will help to open up the hair follicles within your beard. Add a few small drops of Golden Drops to your beard, and massage in. You can also opt to gently comb through. Allow the oils to sit for about 5 - 10 minutes. Rinse your beard with cool water to close the hair shaft, and lock in the moisture. As a result, you will have a softer and healthier beard. Also, with regular care you will notice your beard growing in thicker and shinier. 

Using Golden Drops on a regular basis, will help to replenish the oils back into your beard that is stripped away from regular washing. Your beard creates natural sebum to help your beard grow. When this is washed away with cleaning agents, you need something to restore those oils. Golden Drops contains organic Jojoba oil and Argan oil which is lightweight and mimics your natural sebum. 

Golden Drops is 100% natural and organic, and is packed with minerals, vitamins A&E and antioxidants to give your beard the nutrients it needs to grow strong, shiny, soft thick hair. 

Give Golden Drops a try. You won't be disappointed.  

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