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Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted by Sophie Harris on
Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Before I get into why Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO is so amazing, not only for your hair but for your life in general. I'm going to tell you how I was introduced to this fabulous oil in the first place. 

Growing up, my mother was a vegan. She used to do a lot of interesting things to naturally care of our hair and skin. At first I didn't understand it. I wanted to use baby oil, because it smelled so good, and also because everyone else was using it. Of course I didn't know any better. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a faint smell. It's almost like it doesn't have a smell at all. It's also sort of thick. At least thicker than your typical baby oil or body oil. It goes on smooth, but I was not sure why she was using it on our skin after a bath, or in our hair after she had washed and used a natural conditioner. My mother knew all of the benefits. Our hair and skin was always so soft and manageable. Growing up, I continued to use EVOO; but to be completely honest, I was not that consistent. It was not until later in life that I started to do my own research, and try to figure out why I fell in love with the oil all over again. 

There are plenty of articles in Google on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; but let me quickly break it down for you. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, and is packed with antioxidants, Omega 3, 6 and fatty acids. Basically, it's the bomb! EVOO smooths and soothes the hair and scalp. It's a little thick in consistency, so you may want to slightly warm it up to help penetrate the hair shaft. 

Some of the things you can do with EVOO, is moisturize and seal your hair. After you've co-washed, or shampoo and conditioned, add a little EVOO to your tresses, and work through to seal in the moisture while your hair is still damp. You can also hot oil treat your hair with EVOO. Remember not to warm up the oil too hot. I would recommend heating up some water on the stove to boiling. Put your EVOO in a small container, jar, or applicator bottle, and let it warm up your oils for about 5 - 10 minutes. Take it out of the water, set it aside for one to two minutes, and test it on your wrist before applying to your hair. You'll probably want to apply this process with any oil you use to hot oil treat your hair. I heat my oils in the microwave for 30 - 45 seconds and let cool for one minute before applying to my hair. 

Here are some links to more information on Extra Virgin Olive for kinky, curly hair and uses:


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